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Today's This Is Childhood words come to us from Bethany Meyer. Bethany's musings on Age Six are beautiful and ring very true to this mom of a newly-minted six-year-old. I am particularly smitten with the potty humor detail of her post because, yes, the word butt still makes a daily cameo chez Rowley. With two future six-year-olds in residence (who happen to adore their big, sassy sis), I can only imagine butt will be in the domestic lexicon for the foreseeable future. See - I just said it twice. 'Tis contagious! Anyway, you will love Bethany's words, so click over to read them. And, as has been the pattern, I am closing comments here today but I know Bethany would love to hear from all of you. Hope you all had a great weekend!

The This Is Childhood Team:

ONE – ADR {moi} TWO – Kristen Levithan THREE – Nina Badzin FOUR – Galit Breen FIVE – Allison Slater Tate SIX – Bethany Meyer SEVEN – Tracy Morrison EIGHT – Amanda Magee NINE – Denise Ullem TEN – Lindsey Mead

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