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parisSo. We are back from Paris. The weekend was quick, but absolutely incredible. And I have so much I want to say, and get down, but this will serve as a start. Believe it or not, this is a small portion of the pictures we took and it was hard to choose what to share. If you are iffy about picture-heavy posts, click away now!

p1I took this picture of the plane after we landed. I dozed on and off for the duration of the six-plus hour flight and was a bit giddy upon arrival.


Got my passport stamped and I was on my way.

p3The driver was holding up a sign that said "Mr. Rolet" so there was a bit of confusion, but soon enough we were traveling through the charming 17th Arrondisement, on our way to the hotel.p4Was pretty pumped to get to the hotel, a "hotel litteraire" where the likes of Hemingway and Sartre used to hang.p5Our hotel room was on the seventh floor and had two tiny juliette balconies overlooking the city. p6Walking across the Seine for dinner on the Right Bank. We did a lot of walking which I am hoping canceled out the insane amounts of French bread and rose wine consumed.p7The Eiffel Tower on our first night. Wow.p8My favorite thing about the city? The tiny streets.p9I smiled when I found this Starbucks. Made me feel right at home. The graffiti helped, too.p10Love this. What's kind of cool is how awake I felt to the details, the names of things.

p12Took so many pics of Husband snapping away. We were both a wee bit obsessed with capturing things.

p13How awesome is this? A street sign that says Bon Bon? Pretty much sums up our trip. (As in good good not candy!)p14Kind of cool to stumble upon the Issey Miyake offices near Les Places de Vosges since I've been wearing the same perfume - L'Eau D'Issey - since high school. Ironically, I left my perfume (and my mascara) at home by accident. I didn't miss them either. We had an active, casual trip.p15We took a tour of Victor Hugo's house. I snapped this shot of an old newspaper before being reprimanded by an angry guard. Oops.p16We walked in and out of the coolest galleries. We loved this one. How bizarre is this statue of a man with his middle missing?p17We visited the "lock bridge" where lovers leave locks with their names on them. If you are a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, you will know what I'm talking about. We didn't bring a lock, but it was still fun to see.p18Here I am, looking out. We have so many pictures of each other, but very few of the two of us. We did ask one guy to snap a pic of us by the Eiffel Tower but it was beyond blurry. I got a few self-shot candids that make me happy.p19The Louvre. Love.p20Here I am, unsurprisingly glued to my phone, at our hotel's bar. Again, this is apparently where the literary greats knocked boots and threw a few back. p21There was a lot of rain while we were there. But I found the city to be as (or even more) beautiful in the rain.p23Hotel De Nevers. Wouldn't this be a cool name for a novel?p24The view again from our room.p25Hamming it up for my man.p26p27p28p29The Tower up close. Absolutely awe-inspiring.p30Ponderous.p31The view from our cab window one day. It was so rainy and gloomy and this shot is creepy, no?p32Our shadows. Love this.p33Happy girl. Very happy girl.p34Husband walking a small street in Le Marais.p35Love that Paris has some grit to it. Makes this New Yorker smile.p36On Sunday, we found this amazingly gritty, local brunch spot in Le Marais called Cafe Charlot. It was noisy and crazy and crowded and we had the most scrumptious and indulgent brunch (think: smoked salmon, Croque Monsieur, Eggs Benedict). No one spoke English at this place and we were just in heaven. Our favorite (and probably cheapest?) meal of the weekend. Go figure.p37And get this. Our frites came wrapped up in New York Times wax paper!p38This philosophy-lover couldn't resist.p39Notre Dame. It was drizzling, but we didn't care.p40We did a lot of wandering around at night. Some of my favorite moments.p41Amazing.p43Notre Dame at night.p44The little cafe near our hotel where we had our first and last meals of the trip: a late lunch on Friday and breakfast before our flight on Monday. Yum.p45I will miss this balcony.p47I will not miss the madness at Charles De Gaulle Airport.p48Waiting planes.p49Husband checking out the goods at Duty-Free.p50Our monster of a plane.p51Boarding.p52After a scary landing, we are home.p53We arrive to sleet that quickly turns to snow. A shot of the messiness out our car window. When we get home, the big girls are still up and attack us with hugs. We are happy and tired, scarf sushi with Grammy, and call it a night. Sleep like babies. Oh, except for the baby who doesn't sleep and whined all night :)p55Yesterday morning. Business as usual. Home sweet home.p56Our little Parisian Picnic breakfast. Girls enjoy cupcakes and souvenirs pre-9am. They might want us to go away more often.

They are happy. We are happy.

So so good to get away. So so good to be home.


{Thanks to all of you who followed my incessant Facebook and Instagram updates over the weekend. It's clear I got carried away. What fun it was to keep a real-time record of our trip.}

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