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paris2 We're going to Paris! I can't believe I just typed those four words - we're going to Paris. I can't believe it because it has been upwards of six years since Husband and I have gotten away alone together. Our last trip was to Mexico. After one miscarriage and a few frustrating months of negative pregnancy tests, we were stressed and trying to conceive our first baby. Turns out I was pregnant in Mexico but we wouldn't find out until we were back. So even that trip wasn't exactly a solo affair. It's been a while.

If you asked me to try to remember a legit a-deux vacation, I'd probably think back to our honeymoon. We went to this tiny resort, new at the time, called Carlisle Bay in Antigua. It was a beautiful spot and we spoiled ourselves rotten with food and drink and the best breed of laziness. One night during our stay, we went for dinner outside the resort. Another couple from our hotel went to the same restaurant and we shared a little shuttle van back to the hotel after. And we chatted.

They were older than we were. In their thirties, I think. Sun-kissed and affectionate. It came up that we were on our honeymoon and they practically let out one big awwwwwww and then proceeded to tell us that they had three kids at home. That this was their tenth anniversary trip and their first time away. I remember being incredulous. Three kids? First time away in a decade?

Well. That's pretty much us now. The grateful and beleaguered parents of three small children, finally getting away. Perhaps we will be on the lookout for young honeymooners with whom to fraternize as we bistro hop and maybe they will be equally amazed at us? Who knows. Anyway, I am so so excited. I haven't been to Paris since I was a girl and I love the city. I even chose to have my first novel open in Paris. I can't wait to go back, to eat good bread and stinky cheese, to sip good wine, to shop, to snuggle, to savor.

Yes, I'm also anxious. I'm anxious about the idea of leaving my kids. I'm actually flying to Paris alone because Husband will already be there on business. As many of you know, I am not a good flier at all. I get sweaty-palmed and scared. But. I. Am. Going.

This is important for me, for us. To step away, to remember who we were before the girls joined us, to hold hands and wander through little streets and big museums, to breathe a bit. I leave in four days!

We're going to Paris!

Any recommendations for things to do while in Paris? Have you been on any romantic getaways lately, or since kids? If married, where did you honeymoon? Are you an anxious flier?

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