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matt2 On Saturday, Husband and I took the girls for lunch at our fave kid-friendly restaurant Ditch Plains and then we wandered home. The big girls begged to "just look" in the toy store and when I remembered that we had a gift to buy, we caved. In we went. Husband hung with the girls as they drooled over My Little Pony stuff and I hunkered down in the next aisle and looked for the perfect, age-appropriate board game for my girlfriend's four-year-old. I found said game and a cute little cupcake card and went straight to the register and paid. So so efficient. I was proud of myself.

When I reunited with Husband and the kiddos, he was smiling. "I think Mommy missed all of that, girls," he said. Missed what? And then he said something like, "Oh, I was just chatting with Matt Damon and his wife. He noticed that we had the three little girl thing in common and cracked a joke." What?!?! I totally, totally missed all of this. I love Matt Damon. I've seen him once before in the neighborhood, but was bummed I missed this little exchange.

Now, this celeb spotting this is not new. I have seen Lady Gaga at her dad's restaurant. Mad Men's John Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt walking hand-in-hand down Columbus. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas and their brood at Pinkberry. Chelsea Clinton at Coffee Bean. Matt Dillon at breakfast. Britney Spears shopping (she decided to run around topless in the common dressing room). Brooke Shields at dinner. Emma Stone standing in front of Lululemon. Natalie Portman and her dancer hubby carrying dry cleaning. In the past two weeks, I have seen Tina Fey about five times. Bethenny Frankel and her hubby at dinner. Husband spent about twenty minutes talking bike seats with Jane Krakowski downtown. And there's more...

Long story short, seeing celebs here in NYC is just par for the course. And it's kind of not a big deal. But also a fun little flourish of living life here... It's just that I love Matt Damon... Oh, and for the record, Husband says that he spoke with Matt's lovely wife and not directly with Matt himself. Alas. Still.

Any fun celeb spottings lately? Are you a fellow Matt Damon fan? Would you want to be so famous that you were spotted when just doing your thing with your family?

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