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baby closetLast Saturday, my good friend E had her baby shower and I wanted more than anything to go, but couldn't because Big Girl had a soccer game at the same exact time and I wanted to watch my girl play and also needed to be there to wrangle the littles. It should be noted that I made the absolutely genius move of letting Middle and Little each pick her own Size 3 soccer ball before the game and they spent the hour playing on the sidelines. Far better than playing with our iPhones (as they did last week) and I figure they might pick up a skill or two before it's their turn to play league ball. (No pressure, girls!) Anyway, tangent. I missed my friend's shower and I so wish I had been there because this is her first baby and she's expecting a girl. You know I how I feel about baby girls. Anyway, she is due next month and still needs a name. Those of you who know me and this blog know that I love naming babies. It's one of my very favorite things to do. Seriously.

Anyway. Here we go. E and her wonderful husband M are looking for an indisputably feminine, non-gender-bending name. A name that's a "real name" here in the United States (ie: not made-up or too exotic). A name that sounds "smart" and will work nicely on a resume 22 years from now. Or, if the little baby someday happens to be proposed to by a prince - say, Kate Middleton's heirs - a name that will have a regal/elegant feel.

To help us all hone in on some good names for E and M, here are some names they like, but do not plan to use: Hannah, Emily, Christine, Charlotte, Lindsay, Eliza, Samantha, Sophie. And, just as importantly, the name they pick must sound good with their last name. I will not divulge their surname here, but it is similar to the following: Frankfurter, Baumgartner, Barenberg, Heineman.

Okay, ready set, let's name her! Now, I am off to scour the Internet for the perfect little girl items to add to the darling closet pictured above. Fun!

P.S. - I so hope my talented baby-naming bud Abby of Appellation Mountain chimes in today!

Given the above parameters, do you have any baby name ideas for E and M? Do tell!

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