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chi 2 My oldest friend in the world M had her second baby, a boy, this past December. And when he was born, I was so excited. It added to my excitement that he was born on Husband's birthday. Also, it amazed me that M now had a girl and a boy. As a mom of only one sex, I continue to be blown away when someone has one of each.

Anyway, he was born before Christmas and I told M on the phone that I was going to pick a day and fly to Chicago and meet this little man. Pictures are great, but nothing beats holding a baby in your arms and smelling that baby smell. So, it was a plan. But then this thing happened. This thing called Time. It passed. And passed. Months flew by. And here we are, in May, and I have not met this boy.

I decided to put an end to this. Booked a flight. I am going solo (and will meet up with Sister C in Chicago) and will be there less than 24 hours, but I will get to see M and meet her new addition. It will be a quick little visit, but I am so excited. It's time.

And I don't want to leave my man or my girls, I never do, but this is important to me and I will be home soon. I've been thinking a lot (and writing a lot) about friendship and how marriage and family affects and informs the bonds between friends and I am realizing more than ever how vital it is for us to maintain our friendships, to celebrate these happy things, these little creatures who are arriving in the world.

And so. I am off.


P.S. - Yes, that is indeed the Jess Rizzuti bag I've been swooning over. Love.

Do you enjoy visiting your friends & their new bundles? How has marriage/family affected (or not affected) your friendships? Have you taken any super quick trips lately?

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