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parallel I met Lauren Miller (then Lauren McBrayer) at Yale. Though she's a bit younger, we were friends and had many friends in common and I always thought she was cool and smart. And she is. Fast-forward a few years. Lauren and I are kind of leading parallel lives (yup, pun intended). We both went to law school following college. We both chased our dream to write. We both have little girls now. We both, it seems, have a reverence for the silly and serious in life.

I saw Lauren a while back at a wedding in Miami. Lauren and my sister Ceara are good friends and this was the wedding of one of their Yale besties, whom I also adore. (Hi, S!) And, at this wedding, Lauren pulled me aside and told me something. Her smile was vast. I sold my book! she crooned, in a happy whisper. And I wasn't surprised, at all, but oh was I thrilled for her. I knew what she was in for. I know what a day like today feels like.

And it is indeed today. Her pub day. Her debut novel PARALLEL is out in the world. And, trust, me it's a good one. Cool and smart, just like Lauren. I had planned to whip up a detailed review full of gushing nuance, but alas, life is a bit nutty chez Rowley and that never quite happened. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from coming here today and telling you all about this fantastic book. I encourage you to pick up a copy.

If you would like to read a really beautiful review, of the breed I wish I had taken the time to write, click over to my friend Lindsey's blog.

Congrats, Lauren! I hope you savor every bit of this very big day.

xoxo, ADR



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