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fri 8

Big Girl is off from school today, so it will be a jam-packed day of little girl adventures, but I wanted to come here and take a few minutes and tell you about this day so far. Because it has been both totally ordinary and absolutely wonderful. It started early for me. With a SoulCycle class. Sweaty and happy, I came home to find Daddy dressing the littles. See Evidence A above. In total fairness, the girls picked their own jackets so they were certainly complicit in the resulting mismatched "look." Oh how I love this "look." And my man had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9am Tootsie Pop. That was all me. Alas. Allow me my unique parenting tactics; they appear to be working. And well.

Anyway, it was a good morning. The girls chased each other down city sidewalks. The sun was coy; the air a bit chilly. There was a special breakfast out with Daddy, a bus ride up Amsterdam. We dropped Middle Girl at school and Big Girl had a chance to visit her old teachers. There were hugs all around. You've gotten so big! And she has. And my baby? This will be her school next year. She starts in September and this is utterly baffling and also makes perfect sense. She is beginning to look like her sisters did then. She is beginning to look like another Rowley school girl. Ah, time.

Anyway, we have a day to go enjoy, but I had the urge to come here to share moments from the morning. Again, it was a morning that was both simple and stunning. A morning in my city with my sweet little girls. I will take it.

Have a gorgeous weekend and we Rowleys will work on doing the same.

xoxo, ADR

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