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i'm loving...

This star-studded, super inspiring conference I attended yesterday. {Stay tuned for post!}

This Clean Bottle. (= perfect Father's Day gift.)

This HUGE news about my lovely friend and new Happier Hour partner.

This writer and this writer and this writer, all of whom I got to hang with this week.

This laugh-til-you-cry post.

This workout.

These words on letting go.

This nutritionist/friend.

This article on FOMO.

This project.

This veggie.

This aesthetically and existentially-pleasing community.

This little Upper West gem with yummy food and free Wi-Fi.

This argument for drinking coffee.

This book.

This site.

This game-changing bubble machine.

bubble machine

Oh, and this totally nutty and amazing life I am leading. That, too.

Have a great weekend! xoxo, ADR

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