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summer schoolSummertime. It's upon us. The big girls are in their last two weeks of school. The city is starting to feel empty and hot. And I am here, in my pajamas, at my kitchen island, drinking coffee, watching my girls play in the garden, pondering the months ahead. What will they be like? How will I spend them? What is my ideal Summer 2013? I know certain things. The girls will all be in camp. Husband will be working. We will travel to Cape Cod for the 4th of July as we do every year. But, other than that, other than these things, there is no major plan. I have some freedom, some choices to make. That's what this post is all about.

Yesterday, I had this fleeting idea that I would totally unplug for the entirety of the summer, that I would devote the next three months to working on my novel and soaking up time with the girls. This was an exciting, tempting thought. But then I realized something, something important: I do not want to do this. I love this blog. I love being plugged in. I love documenting my moments with images and words. To deprive myself of these things would not make me happy.

But. It is summer. And I do want to slow down and keep things light and get a lot of fiction writing done and enjoy these Popsicle Days with my babes. So I've been thinking about how to do this, to keep this place up and running, but my commitment to it the opposite of pressured and I've come up with this:

ADR Summer School.

Here's the scoop: I will continue to post stuff. Pictures and words and questions from my days. Fun, sunny, happy, interesting things. Stuff I don't want to forget. (This is one of my biggest hesitations about suspending the blog, namely that I have gotten so accustomed to documenting events in my life and I want to continue doing this. For instance, I am attending a Huffington Post conference this Thursday and my Columbia Law School 10th Reunion this weekend. It would be a crime not to write a bit about these things, no?) BUT. I do not want this blog to morph into a personal summer diary. I feel strongly that ADR continue to have purpose, that you guys reading take something away.

And so. I hope to derive little lessons or lists or questions from each experience and moment (or book or TV show or pair of sandals) I post about. Little pithy somethings to tuck in your pocket and carry with you on your summer day. I'm not sure what ADR Summer School will look like or be exactly, but I do know one thing: It will be summery and fun.

You ready to enroll? :)

(I'm excited!)

xoxo, ADR

summer school

What are your plans for this summer?

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