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How Do You Handle Being Hurt?

being hurt Over the years, I've grown a thicker skin. I'm proud of this fact, and thankful for it. It's tough to be in the world, virtual and real, without building up some kind of armor. But here's the thing: Things still upset me. Big things and small things. Sometimes, I'm hurt by what others do, or don't do. Say or don't say. And in these moments when I'm feeling hurt, offended, out of sorts, I don't really know what to do. Should I confront the person who hurt me? Should I tell myself a story about how it's not about me but about them? Should I just pretend I'm not bothered? Or should I just feel it, whatever it is I'm feeling, and let it fade?

How do you guys handle being hurt? In your opinion, do you handle it well or not so well?


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