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san remo Today is September 9, 2013.

Today I return to regular blogging after a quasi-Summer Sabbatical.

Today I take my Big Girl to her first day of First Grade.

Today I make a promise. A vow vast and vague.

My promise, my vow, is to consistently come here and to be honest. About my life as a mother of three little girls and as the wife of one good man and as the author of hopefully many books.

That's it. Consistency. Honesty. That's what I'm going for. That's all I'm going for. I will come here on a regular basis and write something honest. About life and love and self and struggle. Sometimes, that something will be happy/silly/sparkly/celebratory. Sometimes, that something will be sad/serious/murky/melancholy.

Always, that something will be about me. Me.

I've done so much thinking this summer about what this blog is and what it isn't. And I think after more than four years in this wonderful ether and after a couple of months of space from this place, I've finally figured it out. This blog is about one thing, and one thing only: me.


It's not about my family or my daughters or my husband. It's not about this city in which I was raised and in which we now raise our girls. It's not about books or booze. It's not about insecurities or anxiety. Well, it's about all of these things, in a way. But only insofar as they are part of me.

No one person can capture Motherhood or Marriage or Manhattan. No one person can crystallize the science of habit or the pathos of writing or the concept of self but what I can do and what I will do is talk about what these things mean for me. Not because I have any special authority or expertise, but precisely because I don't. Like you, I am just stumbling along, searching, seeking, sifting, sorting... This blog is, and always has been, an invitation to do these messy, and sometimes quite magical, things with me.

Something trite and true on this September morning: I missed you all very much this summer and I'm excited to be back.

xoxo, adr

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