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What Are You Struggling With?

struggle A quick post. Because I don't have time to write more and I want to leave you with something.

This is what I'm struggling with most these days: Time. My days and weeks are insanely stuffed, stuffed to the point that I can barely see straight, but stuffed with good things I don't want to give up. School stuff with my kids, lunches with friends and colleagues new and old, lots of writing. Events most evenings.

I'm overwhelmed. Happy, but overwhelmed. Scattered. Thankful, but scattered.

I saw my therapist not long ago. And I told her this, that I feel too busy. She had me explain my days, the nature of them. And she agreed that it is a lot. But I told her that there is nothing I want to eliminate, that I want very much to keep up and am trying to take care of myself such that I can. The sleeping soundly, not drinking, writing first thing in the mornings... All of these things have helped immensely. Now, I'm trying to clean up my diet a bit to feel even better, to make myself more equipped to deal with the madness, the magic.

Anyway, that's it. I am waging a bit of a battle with the schedule, with time. And it is a privilege, I know, that this is my biggest struggle right now. But it is what it is. And this is my place to process these things. And so I will.

At this point, what are you struggling with most?

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