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20131024-100830.jpg Okay, this will be super quick because I think I have about 6 minutes left on my WIFI access. Gotta love Birch Coffee which only allows you one hour online! Anyway, this morning had the makings to be an epic, ghastly disaster. I'm exaggerating of course, but it was the opposite of smooth. I overslept. We almost missed Big Girl's bus. Middle, Little and I left the house late and realized about three blocks into our 20 block walk to school that we were all woefully under-dressed. It was cold. The girls were freezing their little fingers off, but we marched on. I promised a donut stop halfway and this was a good call but when we left, I realized we had about 9 minutes to walk the 10 blocks to school. Lots of math this morning... Anyway, I collapsed the stroller and tried to hail a cab but there were of course no cabs and so we had no choice but to walk. Run.

This is the part when I became proud of myself. I could have easily lost my shiitake, but I didn't. We turned it into a game, skipping along through the chilly day. We took the time to notice the daytime moon, to watch the birds fly. We got there. With red cheeks, a fair bit late, but we got there. I could have been snappy and stressed, but I wasn't. I rolled with it. Everything was fine.

After, Little and I walked a block to this place, my favorite new coffee shop. I got a coffee and she got a pumpkin muffin (don't judge the pastry fest, please) and we sat together and snuggled and giggled and looked at my photos on my phone. It was a good stretch of time with my baby. Before we walked into the coffee shop, we stopped as we often do at the little blackboard outside. Today's words?

Who's to say what's impossible?

My purple-hooded girl reached out to touch the little heart under the words and my morning was made.

I am proud of myself for not letting this nutty morning get the best of me. It could have but it didn't. A small victory. Or not so small?

Have a great day, guys.

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