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coffee date Decided to take myself out to breakfast. Wore a sweatshirt and skipped brushing my hair. Brought 4 writing books to keep me company.

Restaurant was crowded but I found a table next to a woman waiting for another woman to join her. Drank my coffee & dipped into my books. The other woman arrived and I listened in on their conversation. One was the executive director of a major literary organization. The other, a well-known playwright.

I smiled. Kept reading. They were about to leave and I did something I never do. I said hello even though they were strangers. I said something like: "It is really cool that I was sitting here. I'm a writer and working on my 2nd book."

They were so friendly. We talked for a good bit & exchanged information.

Lessons learned:

1. Get out in the world.

2. Listen closely.

3. Speak up.

I love New York City so so much, especially when these things happen.

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