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Oscar Wilde said, "Memory is the diary we all carry about with us." I am realizing more and more that it is the moments of my life I want to cling to, to remember, to carry with me. And so this is all a very purposeful effort on my part, to record these bits, to tuck them away here. The hope, perhaps foolish, is that by doing this, I will somehow emblazon these shreds in my mind, that they will not be lost them in the shuffle of Time.

Speaking of Time, Thanksgiving is upon us. In a few hours, we will drive to Pennsylvania for some wonderful family time, but here I am in those moments before, awash in words, awash in thankfulness.


Evidence of process. I have been writing a lot. I have been scrambling to meet a big, self-imposed deadline and I did it! At 2:24am, I submitted the first 70 pages of my book. The last two days felt like college. I worked hard. And it felt pretty tremendous. I'm needing the coffee today, but I must say that it continues to be a privilege to build something from nothing.

Some more moments from the last week or so:


All bundled up and braving the arctic cold with my sweet babes.


One of my favorite mugs. One of my favorite messages. (Yes, I know it's chipped.)


I was getting dressed in my bathroom the other day and looked into the bedroom and spotted the most exquisite fence-like shadow pattern on our aqua chaise. A reminder to keep my eyes open.


Making chocolate chip pancakes with Christmas cookie cutters is a team effort. Oh how I love the rhythm of Saturday mornings at home.


Always a treat to shadow these three as they hold hands and walk city streets. Here we head to a pajama/popcorn/movie birthday party where Little Girl proceeds to scarf so much candy she vomits. Alas. Good times.


A Sleepy Selfie. I was racing from visiting my friend's new baby to pick up my Big Girl at school and it was one of those days where I felt both incredibly happy and incredible zapped. I have a lot of days like that and I am thankful for them. And for the coffee that sustains me.


Husband and me. Ready to head to the AMNH Gala. Love this one. And love seeing my handsome man all gussied up.


The pine dinos are now up at the entrance. My very favorite sign that Christmas is coming.


Cocktails with dinosaurs. (Okay, sparkling water with dinosaurs.) Not too shabby.


The famous Blue Whale at the American Museum of Natural History. Husband and I celebrated our wedding under this guy almost 9 years ago. Last week, we went back for the annual gala. One of our favorite nights of the year.


Florence + the Machine performed. She was unbelievable. I am now in love with her music.


Nanny treated Little to a colorful pedicure.


Sister C brought her sweet baby H to visit. The girls were so happy to her stay here for a couple of days. I look at these two and think they could be sisters and also think they are going to have a lot of fun and maybe cause a wee bit of trouble together in the years to come.


Last week, we finally hid that ugly fuse box with a beautiful piece of art. Hard to get the effect here, but this is a nature photo from our fantastic wedding photog Philippe Cheng. It's split into three panels and looks really amazing on our wacky jungle wallpaper.


I went birdwatching last week in Central Park. I was certainly the rookie of the bunch, but it was a really cool experience. And I was woefully under-dressed and got very cold.


The leader of the bird tour, Paul Sweet, works at AMNH and has become a wonderful resource for me in the writing of my novel.


I take these two to school everyday. Lately, they've insisted on taking the bus up Amsterdam and on playing "I Spy" en route.


Did I mention that fall is my favorite season?


This little creature amazes me daily. She's totally the boss of all of us, but goodness is she cute.


Here, I'm holding her hand and she's clutching a light-up engagement ring I found in my bag. I have no idea where it came from, but that's what happens when you become a mom. You find totally random items in your bag and hand them to your kids to play with.


More evidence of writing because that's pretty much my life these days. I will finish this book. I will finish this book. I will finish this book...

bring it 6

An important bench. I sat on it yesterday.

bring it 5

The Ramble in Central Park. Remember: It is a wild privilege to get lost.

bring it 4

The view from Balcony Bridge.

bring it 3

These are not disgusting. Thanks, Rachel!

bring it 2

This is their place. They go here to wrap up in each other and forget about the world. #clioandhenry

bring it

This is me. ADR. A deeply thankful creature who is looking forward to some major snuggle time with her sweet creatures in the days to come.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wherever you are in the next few days, take some time to open your eyes and collect good moments. Because, as I say here again and again, they are it.

These are moments are everything.

happy thanksgiving to you & yours!

Let's Name the Twins!

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