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 mm1Some of you know this, but I've fallen madly in love with Moments. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I think that opening our eyes to the big and small moments of our days is a surefire way to boost gratitude and happiness. Life can be busy and hard, but when we are diligent about taking the time to stop and see, really see, what is right before us, we are better off. Cesare Pavese said it so well: "We do not remember days, we remember moments."

Going forward, I will share a slew of my moments here every Monday. I look forward to doing this and very much hope that these weekly posts inspire you to better glimpse the meaningful moments in your own lives.

Above, another Selfie. I remember this moment well. We have just returned from South Carolina. We were up at 3:30am to catch our flight, two Rowlets vomited in the sky, I was happy to get home, sporting Husband's hat and tired.


Waiting for the school bus. All you need is Love.


Little Girl does Anonymity.


The girls goof off on the way to school. These two are totally frenemies these days.


Headed home after visiting Big Girl's classroom for a Popsicle birthday celebration. Little Girl puts on a comedy routine and has the first graders in stitches.mm8

The littles in their Pink Chicken florals standing on the chair they have ruined with incessant jumping.


Middle Girl does a pouty version of Anonymity.


Pillows. And truth.


A shot from Big Girl's wild and crazy My Little Pony 7th birthday party. There were lots of balloon sword fights and a surprising amount of stair sliding.mm12

Besties hug it out post-party.


A weekend morning. Girls and cat look out for Mrs. Nutcracker, our resident squirrel.


Middle Girl gymnast.


Big Girl gymnast.


Little Girl gymnast.


The Rowlets after their gymnastics medal ceremony.


I indulge in a midweek blowout/bang trim which is not very interesting but this flash is pretty cool, no?


Tiny fashionista in vintage velvet YSL pumps.


Me: "Girls, your silly little sister woke up a million times last night."

Middle Girl: "Is that why your eyes look like that?"

Me: "Like what?"

Middle Girl: "Nothing, Mama! Your eyes never look weird!"


My Midlife Crisis is taking shape in the form of a Pillow Problem.


I'm so happy there are still lights on some city trees. The leftover magic is not lost on me.mm24

Oh do I believe this.

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