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20140119-130256.jpgThe Rowlets, bundled, happy, and holding hands, skipping on our block.


Exploring the Time Capsule by the American Museum of Natural History.


Hello, fellas.


Looking up at the big Blue Whale. The Rowlets learned to crawl and walk under this guy. Mommy and Daddy danced their first dance under him.


Out and about. Little Girl says, "I have a new favorite color! Pigeon!" Spoken like a true city kid.


The girls sneak in a little play time at the Patagonia on Columbus Avenue.

mm 126

The ladies raid my closet.

mm 126 2

After a stretch of bad nights, this girl starts sleeping through the night in her new big girl bed! The promise of a Furby might have been involved. She's now known as Rock Star in these parts.

mm 126 3

And she acts the part.

mm 126 4

An exquisite burst of color through the trees.

mm 126 6

There are days to sit in a quiet room and write. And then there are days to surround yourself with characters & listen to their snips of story & watch the snow fall upon the streets you love. I sit here tangling with my manuscript as two middle-aged women beside me have an intense heart to heart, a man at the window barks profanities into his phone, & chipper music spills from speakers. The baristas are laughing & joking around now & I'm smiling because, yes, this is the place to be.

mm 126 7

During the big snowstorm. Before bed, I peek out the window. The whiteness is hauntingly beautiful.

mm 126 8

Snow day artists.

mm 126 9

Do you love quotes as much as I do? I think a good thought-provoking quote is almost more energizing than a cup of coffee. Almost.

mm 126 10

A mockingly blue sky on a cold cold day.

mm 126 11

A beautiful evening talking books and nutrition with a beautiful friend. I've known Lauren for fourteen years.

mm 126 12

Big Girl spend days coloring this bag and I think it's pretty dreamy.

mm 126 13

What a treat to hear my friend Tré Miller Rodríguez read from her gorgeous book Splitting the Difference at the Lexington Hotel. So thrilled that Tré will be joining me in the fabled yellow living room for a heart-shaped Happier Hour next month. And big-time bonus: After the reading, I had a yummy din at Lexington Brass with three wonderful gals: Rachel Cedar, Heather Chaet and Wendy Bradford.

mm 126 14

Took this photo last Friday morning and wrote the following on Instagram: Husband just took the little girls to school & the house is oddly quiet & I almost don't know what to do with myself until I know exactly what to do with myself. I will make a fresh cup of coffee. And write. And then write some more. And then some more. It will be a good, no-nonsense sweatpants & words kind of day.

I ended up writing a piece for the upcoming #28daysofplay series which will be curated by my dear friend Rachel. My piece was heartfelt and honest and hard. I look forward to sharing it with you soon.

mm 126 15

Colorful proof that I continue to cook. This was a scramble of eggs, avocado, cherry tomatoes, chicken apple sausage and red pepper flakes. All ingredients were organic and it was yum central.

mm 126 16

On Friday, I got to pickup a bit early and I stood outside Big Girl's school which was also my school. I almost got teary thinking about my years there. We learned recently that Middle Girl will be joining her big sister here next year when she begins Kindergarten and we are simply over the moon excited about that.

mm 126 17Mom (Moo Moo to the girls) picked up Middle Girl from school that day and after a bit o' 16 Handles, she was bouncing off the walls. Oh how I love to see these kiddos so happy.

mm 126 18

There was this sweet moment on the couch. Big Girl was sharing her ice cream with her little sister, but then it was all but gone and Big made sure to drink every last drop.

mm 126 19

On Friday afternoon, Big Girl lost her tooth. She was quick to point out that she lost her 6th tooth when she was 6 and now had lost her 7th tooth at age 7. Plus, she was pretty pumped to lose it on Grammy's birthday!

mm 126 20

Here I am, all glammed up for the Preschool Winter Benefit. It's always fun to get dressed up and have a night on the town.

mm 126 21

The event was at Gustavino's and ended up being really fun. I got a little carried away bidding on this fabulous Warhol-esque collection of lunchboxes Middle Girl's class made, but came to my senses and put my paddle down when the price went sky high.

wallpaperWas bounding down the stairs this weekend and I spotted these insanely cool shadows on the wall. "Nature's wallpaper" as my friend Jamie pointed out. A keen reminder to keep my eyes open.

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