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How Much Television Do You Watch?

girls I used to watch an embarrassing amount of television. Now? Not so much. Not because I have anything against television. Truth be told, I wish we found a way to watch more of it, but come evening, we are tuckered and if we can sneak in a single show and I can manage not to fall asleep while watching said show, that's pretty good.

My favorite show of the moment by far? HBO's Girls. I love the smart writing and quirky characters and over-the-top portrayal of these NYC friends in their twenties. I'm not going to lie. I love Lena.

One show I'm trying to watch? The Bachelor. Juan Pablo is plenty hot, I dig the accent as well as the idea of having a mindless/escapist indulgence, but it can't quite keep my attention. Which is odd and interesting because I used to be marginally obsessed with this show.

Anyway, just a silly little post on television, but I am curious to know how much TV you watch and what your current favorites are these days...

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