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LBT After weeks on end of holiday eating, I did something pretty scary this morning.

I stepped on the scale.

Shockingly, I hadn't really gained weight. Up a pound or two, but that could have been the sushi I had for dinner last night. Anyway, this really surprised me because after a stretch of indulgences and little exercise, I'm feeling rather ick - puffy, sluggish, you get the picture. I imagine I am not alone in this?

Obviously, I was psyched to see I didn't actually gain much weight but that isn't the end of the story. Once upon a time, I was fixated on diet and exercise to lose weight, to wear a smaller size. These days, I'm okay with my weight and fine with my size. Would I like to shed a few pounds like most of us would? Of course, but it's not a focus.

My focus instead? To feel good and alert and strong. To have energy to tackle all the things I want to tackle. And to that end, I'm making some changes.

Starting now.

My nutritionist friend Lauren Slayton has just published a wonderful book called The Little Book of Thin: Plan-It-to-Lose-It Solutions for Every Diet Dilemma. I was lucky enough to get a peek at an early copy of this book and last night I started reading it again. It's that good. Lauren has experience foodtraining thousands of clients. I have been a client of hers over the years. She has parlayed incomparable weight loss advice to me and those I know. She has also kept me up to date on research about cancer prevention (Dad died of stomach cancer in 2008), prenatal nutrition (I paid her a visit during each of my three pregnancies), and she has become something of a confidante during my ongoing experiment with forgoing and limiting wine.

Anyway, this little book is big on practical wisdom and realism when it comes to eating well in the real world. Lauren notes that we all know how to eat well, but that too often life gets in the way. We are busy creatures with exacting schedules and we make excuses. I know all about excuses. But no more.

Once I publish this post, I am going to tuck my LBT into my bag and run to SoulCycle (to knock off the first 45 minutes of Lauren's suggested 180 minutes of cardio a week) and then sweaty little me is going to hit the grocery store and shop for all of the items Lauren recommends. Lots of veggies. Some approved snacks. Hot sauce. Spices... Believe it or not, I'm cooking tonight. I will make pesto turkey burgers from a recipe in the book and I'm going to roast some brussels sprouts too. Husband is eager to clean up his nutritional act after the holidays too and gave me a thumbs up on this menu before heading off to work.

Anyway, I am excited about Lauren's book and the changes she is helping me (and so many of us) make at this particularly icky time of year. It is not just about what we look like to the outside world, what size jeans we wear, what that pesky scale says. It is about how we feel.

And I plan to feel good.

Oh, and check out Lauren's post today. It's about me :) I posted the above pic on Instagram and Facebook last night and got a few comments and it inspired this thought-provoking piece. Make sure to read the comments on her post too. All really interesting.

Thanks, Lauren!! Cannot wait to have you here for my next Happier Hour later this month!!

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How do you feel about your body these days? Do you feel compelled to clean up your nutritional act this time of year? How do you feel about people who are not overweight talking about these topics? Do you eat well to look good or feel good or both?

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