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sick baby Disclaimer: I was up for much of the night with my stomach bugged babe (pictured above with her snuggly Daddy and kitty) so it's entirely possible that whatever I write here will make little to no sense. A risk I'm willing to take.

Anyway, just scrolled through my Facebook feed and saw that my friend Debi posted a link to an article written by a man about people's response to the fact that his wife stays home to take care of their kids. In the article, he expresses dismay and bewilderment at the fact that many people think that staying home with children is "fun" and "nice" when in truth it's among the hardest work out there.

As someone who is home with the kids some of the time, home writing some of the time, and out writing some of the time, I continue to be amazed and baffled that anyone could deem raising kids anything less than challenging and important work. I will be the first to admit that my days spent caring for, and engaging with, my kids are more difficult and exacting (and also more wonderful) than the days I spend cobbling words together.

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Why do you think this misunderstanding about the work of a stay-at-home parent exists and persists? Do you think it has to do with judgment, envy, lack of understanding, something else? Do you work inside or outside of the home?

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