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20140414-103934.jpg Thank you to my dear friend Lindsey for sending me this quote. Lindsey is one of the few souls whom I talked to about The HERE Year before I decided to kick it off and when I announced that I'd be focusing on the theme of Home for my first month, I immediately reached out to Lindsey because I know she's written extensively on this topic as well as the overarching idea of Presence. Lindsey sent along this quote along with some others and pieces of her own writing as well which I plan to share here in the future. I'm realizing something more and more, namely that while this blog is my home it is important for me to continually have friends and their words here. This year, I suspect, will be as much about featuring the thoughts of others as my own.

Anyway, Wendell Berry. I recently had the privilege of meeting Wendell (whom Dad knew) and can't wait to share more about that, but for now these inspiring words. I am taken by this idea of making a journey of one inch. Maybe our biggest adventures aren't across the globe but within ourselves? Maybe our ultimate, and most worthy, goal should be to "learn to be at home"? I think, for me, this is what my yearlong project is all about, figuring out (and no doubt fumbling with) questions of how to be at home, how to be here.

Another thought: Going forward, this blog will be, among many other things, a virtual scrapbook. I will occasionally post longer pieces of prose, but I will also store snippets of what I'm learning - quotes and questions and ideas and images I don't want to forget. I like the idea of this. That I will be able to come back here and sift through all the thoughts I've had, those well-formed and barely formed.

More to come on the topic of Home. I am just back from South Carolina where I attended my uncle's very beautiful memorial service. It has been a weighty couple of days and I want to write about it, but need to process it a bit more before doing so.

Hope all is well in your worlds, in your homes.

xoxo, ADR

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