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I have about a dozen posts floating in my head and I'd like to say that I'm so busy being present as a parent that I haven't finagled the time to sit down and write these floaty posts, but that wouldn't totally be true. Yes, I have had successful moments of really being here with my girls (particularly in the last few days while Husband has been traveling), but the reality is that I've been running around, juggling, doing the good dance. So many metaphors.

Anyway, I hope to hop on a bit later and fill you all in on some interesting and fun things, but first things first. After attending Arianna Huffington's inspiring Thrive Conference  a few weeks ago here in NYC, I wrote a post and announced that I'd be giving away 13 books authored by Thrive speakers and a copy of my novel Life After Yes. I'm here today to announce a winner: Carolann. Congrats, Carolann! I will be emailing you soon.

Okay, must jet for now and wrangle the Rowlets toward school. More soon!

xoxo, ADR

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