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I knew I didn't want to do this alone. This Here Year. I just had this abiding instinct that whatever this is, and turns out to be, it needs to be a collaboration, a conversation. And that's just what it's become. Last week, I published a list: 13 Ways to Be (More) Here & (More) Happy. It was, and is, a messy thing, but genuine. These are indeed things I have stumbled upon and was excited to share.

And today. My dear friend and Here Year cohort Lindsey Mead shares a response to my post, her own 8 ways to be (more) here and (more) happy. They are good, guys. My own personal favorite:

7. Calm down.  I’ve learned that the primary thief of presence, for me, is a swirl of anxiety and fear that gets me going into a reactive cycle.  I get emotional, I get triggered, I get going, and suddenly I am entirely out of my own body.  I need to remember that those reactions and emotions are the clouds.  I’m the sky.  I can watch them go by without letting them be me.  We all need ways to help ourselves return to our bodies, to our breath, to what’s right here.  I use calm.com an awful lot and love it.  I also use walks for this, and, sometimes, yoga.  Find what works for you.  Feel your own physical body in the world.  Remember that is what matters.

To read the rest of Lindsey's thoughts, click over to her post. Lindsey and I are planning another #TheHereYear Twitter Party, so stay tuned for details. Oh, and we are excited to announce our June topic soon!

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