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Yesterday, Lindsey and I announced that our June topic for the Here Year will be Marriage.


We met when I was 23 and he was 26. At the time, I didn't feel overly young, but now I look back and think: Babes. We married when I was freshly 26 and he was freshly 29.

We went to a wedding last weekend, a gorgeous wedding I will write more about, and during dinner I had this really interesting conversation with our friend's fiancee. She's a lovely and very intelligent girl of 32. She asked how old we were when we got married and when I told her, her eyes widened and she said something. Wow. I had no idea who I was when I was 26. I was in no place to marry then.

Now I find myself thinking about the connection between age and marriage. Are we better off plunging in when we are young and growing and evolving with our other half? Or are we better off waiting until we mature and evolve some? I know there are statistics on this question and I will rustle them up, but I'm more curious about anecdotes...

If you are married or have been married, at what age did you tie the knot? Do you think age matters when it comes to matrimony or does it really just depend on the particular people each time?

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