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Athletics were a huge part of my life growing up. In school, I played soccer, basketball and softball. Senior year of high school, I was captain of each of these teams and oh did I live for game days. Some of my sharpest memories involve being on the field or the court, the electric rush I'd get when I'd score a goal or a basket or a run. Many years out, I remember all of this well.

And now my girls are starting to play. The big girls both play in West Side Soccer League. This season, Big Girl is on the Blue Dolphins. Yesterday, in her first game, Big scored five goals.


And this season, Middle Girl is on the Purple Panthers. In her first game last week, she scored six goals and in her first game.


To say that I'm jazzed that my girls are playing my favorite sport and that they are manifesting skill at this sport is a wild understatement. I'm over the moon. It brings me back. It brings me back to my youth, to the damp and dreamy smell of fall, my very favorite season of the year. When I'm watching them, I feel wide awake and alive and overwhelmed with pride. What a treat to be their mom, to be a bona fide soccer mom now.

And Little Girl. Oh does she count too! She's playing Super Soccer Stars as her sisters did. It's a class near us on an indoor field. And she's into it and fast and a good little dribbler and she said to me the other day, Mommy, I'm going to score goals because I know how!

little soccer

And her sisters and I went to watch her play on Tuesday and she did score some goals and flash her proud little smile. After her class, her big sisters rushed the field and captured her in a priceless hug.


All of this is magical for me, but I know I must be careful. I must be careful not to push them too much or too hard. Husband and I must be careful not to project our love for the game (he played college soccer) on them if they aren't into it. But for now they are, they are into it, and what fun it is to have this family sport, these soccer Sundays.

How does this relate to time? It relates very much to time, I think. As parents, we are able to travel back in time through our children. This soccer thing is one wonderful instance for me. Just gotta keep the momma pride thing in check.

here year3

Do your kids do things you once did? Have you had the experience of traveling back in time by watching your children play or do things you once did? Did you play sports as a kids and if so, which ones?

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