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meet brettne.

... I’m not a morning person, so the first hour of my day is like stumbling through a fog until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. My two daughters share a room and they’re usually up and raring to go pretty early. They have a lot of energy in the morning. My husband makes breakfast for the girls and gets the coffee going while I get ready for work. We gather around our kitchen bar to eat and caffeinate, and then I get the kids dressed, coiffed, and out the door. I try not to check my email or social media accounts until after I drop the girls off at school so that I can focus on them. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions–no iPhone until 8:20am. Very hard. It’s a work in progress...

Click here to read the rest of Lindsey Mead's inspiring How She Does It interview with our shared literary agent extraordinaire Brettne Bloom whom Lindsey and I both adore. Comments are closed here today, but click through to leave a comment for Lindsey and Brettne!

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