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On Saturday, I turned 36. It was a good day. In my mind, a perfect birthday. And here's a little reverse rundown (because I want to remember it).

On Saturday night, Husband took me for dinner at Babbo downtown. We got dressed up. I threw on the dress I wore almost seven years ago exactly for my sister Ceara's reshearsal dinner. I also wore the drop earrings I wore for our wedding almost ten years ago. Dinner was wonderful. We shared several courses; prosciutto and mozzarella and mint love letter pasta and beef braised with mushrooms. We nibbled on chocolate pistachio semifreddo. It was a nice, romantic, old school date. In the cab ride home, we cuddled in the backseat and it literally felt like we were going back in time to when we first met.


Before dinner, we had cake with the girls. The cake was from my very favorite bakery - Magnolia - and I just love what it said. Happy Birthday, Mommy. The girls sang and helped me blow out the candles - a giant 3 - and six little candles scattered around. They ate cake and, well, we did too even though we were about to head off for a big dinner. I figure calories don't count on these days.


The day was a rainy, messy beast, but I chose to find this cozy and charming. We hopped in the car and drove downtown to go bowling. birthday5

I opened presents. An owl pitcher from the girls and lots of beautiful artwork. Husband got me the most amazing chunky sweater which I put on right away and have barely taken off since.


The girls piled on top of me for a picture.


After a week of solo parenting while Husband traveled for work in Europe, it was soooo nice to sleep in and sleep in, I did. Past 8am which is unheard of in these parts. I opened the bedroom door to an installation of computer paper saying happy birthday book-ended by Husband's red shoes. Perfection.


On Friday, I went for my annual birthday lunch/shop with Mom. She got me the most amazing faux flower arrangement that now sits on our white entry table. It will be a beautiful flourish to my monthly Happier Hours.birthday1

Oh, and I must mention the outrageously beautiful blue towel coat I will be sporting this winter. Thank you, Mom!

So, 36. When I asked Big Girl whether 36 is young or old, she looked at me and said with confidence, Both. Smart girl. I think I agree. It's a good, solid, in-the-middle, age, an age I'm happy to be. I have high hopes for this year.

Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes on Facebook, Instagram and beyond. I am lucky to have all of you in my life.

Oh, and because we're talking Friendship this month... I was talking to Little Girl about my birthday and she asked me, Are your friends coming to your birthday? And I told her no, that we would be celebrating as a family, that this would be perfect, but she seemed hung up on the friend thing. Has me wondering whether (a) when we are kids, we associate birthdays with parties and friends more; (b) I am an outlier for opting to spend my birthday with family only; (c) whether the phenomenon of social media makes us feel like we are surrounded by friends on our birthday when we are in fact not?

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