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Friendship is an art. More than ever, I believe this. It's certainly not a science; there are no strict rules, formulas, equations. Friendship is fluid. And unique. No two friendships are the same. I realize this now. Each relationship with each friend has its own essence, its own rhythm, its own vibe. But the one constant, I think, is that friends are there for us, here for us. But that doesn't always mean we are good at going to these friends when we need them most or that we are skilled at articulating what it is we need from a particular friend at a particular time. For me at least, it's a constant learning process and maybe this is as it's meant to be. All I know is that whenever I do reach out to a friend and say hey, I need you, I'm always thankful I did even though it makes me feel vulnerable at the time.

Do you agree that friendship is an art and not a science? Are you good at leaning on friends when you need them most?

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