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October. A brand new month and my absolute favorite time of the year. It's my birthday month (I turn 36 on the 4th!), Middle Girl's birthday month (she turns 6 on the 19th!), candy pumpkin season (yummeth) and oh how I love this foray into fall weather.

I'm excited for the month to come for all of the above reasons and one more: I will spend October exploring a topic that is very important to me: Friendship.

When I embarked upon my HERE Year in April, when I vowed to spend a calendar year examining what it might mean, and look like, to be here in our lives, I knew Friendship would be on my list. Why? Because I believe that connecting with friends of all kinds (old and new, real and virtu-real), being here for them, allowing them to be here for us, bartering stories and support... all of these things are part and parcel of being present (not to mention happy) in life.

And how perfect is this... Lindsey Mead, a beautiful writer who has joined me on this HERE Year adventure ... is also a dear dear friend of mine. Our friendship is unique because it began well before we met in "real life." Lindsey and I connected in this odd and wonderful ether of the online world, reading each other's words. Blog comments became long, winding emails became phone calls and texts and, finally, we met in person on a brilliant fall day here in New York City. I remember that day crisply, how Lindsey and I sat outside at a cafe along Columbus and talked and talked and talked some more. It was clear to me then what is plain to me now: She is a kindred spirit, a true and abiding friend.

Anyway, I'm so so excited for the month to come and all that I stumble upon and learn while thinking about and asking about Friendship and I do hope you'll follow along.

Happy October, guys!

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