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ADR Friday Love: Marissa Alperin Studio


Earlier this week, my wonderful literary agent Brettne Bloom brought me to a trunk show for Brooklyn jewelry designer Marissa Alperin. Marissa is a beautiful person and her pieces are gorgeous. In the picture above, Marissa (center) and I are standing with Lauren Slayton, my Foodstalking nutritionist pal whom I've mentioned a lot on this blog. Lauren was the one who introduced Marissa and me and I'm so very grateful that she did.

At the show, I indulged and bought myself a Christmas present - an exquisite rose gold wing necklace that I haven't taken off since. Marissa wears one of these wing necklaces too and this feels meaningful to me because we are both New York moms of three who are living and loving our creative lives. We are also both missing parents - she, her mom, and me, my dad, and we have bonded some over the impossible aftermath of this kind of loss.


Marissa will showcase her New Winter 2015 Collection at her studio in Brooklyn this coming Sunday, December 14th from 12-5pm. The address: 25 State Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201.


I'm thrilled to be giving away a beautiful pair of Marissa's silver ladybug earrings today. To be eligible to win these cuties, leave a comment here before 10pm ET tonight Friday, December 12th. In your comment, share one gift you are giving this holiday season and provide a link if possible. Will be fun for all of us to get some good ideas as we head into this last stretch of shopping!

Have a wonderful weekend, guys!

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