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Peter Pan LIVE! Tonight's the Night!

allison and john

Three weeks ago, I posted this pic on Facebook and Instagram and wrote the following:

7+ years ago, I took my baby (Big Girl who's now in 2nd grade) to a lunch for new moms. I returned week after week & met the most wonderful women who were also navigating motherhood for the first time. We grew close. We took kiddie classes together. Lasting friendships were swiftly formed. One of these ladies was Zeynep. What a bright light, this woman, & it might sound silly, but even when he was an infant, I could tell her little John was a special kid. Oh and he is. This little dynamite talent has landed a role in the upcoming Peter Pan Live on NBC. Here he is with Allison Williams - who will play Peter in the production & who coincidentally is a friend of my sister @tdonnelley's from college! It is such a wonderful thing to see this boy's dreams coming true at a very young age. I can't wait to tune in on December 4th @ 8pm ET. I hope you all watch too! Congrats, John John & congrats @zeynepallyn. You are & always have been a fantastic mom (& friend!) 👏👏👏 #peterpanlive @nbctv

Well, tonight's the night! Peter Pan LIVE! will air tonight at 8pm EST on NBC and we are all so so excited to watch. As I said a few weeks ago, there is something really magical about watching a child's dreams coming true, about watching anyone's dreams coming true. And there is something also really gratifying about supporting something purely wonderful and totally outside yourself. In this age of me-me-me and social media narcissism and self-promotion (in which I get tripped up, like so many of us), it feels really fantastic to shine the light on deserving others. So, today is about lovely and amazing John John. Can't wait to see you soar, buddy! And congrats to your wonderful mom, dad and brother too! I am grateful to know all of you.

If you're curious, here's the Making of Peter Pan LIVE!:

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