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I look worried, but at least we're in love.


For school, the big girls had to decorate wooden airplanes this weekend. They painted them and added little photographs of the family and draped ribbons from the tail and also slapped goofy emoji stickers on the wings. The final products were colorful, silly, happy things and they were proud of themselves. With the leftover stickers, the girls made some art. They took the little faces and made bodies. In this one, they made Husband and me. They presented it to us, giggling. And then the giggles were mine. Look at my face! My wide, worried eyes! But then look at the thought/speech bubbles. There are hearts inside, guys. The hearts say love. Goodness, this means something to me. Maybe it's no big deal, but I'm happy that my girls see us as loving each other. Because we do. We really do. And now I suppose I need to work on the worry part. Baby steps.

Happy Wednesday, guys.

xoxo, ADR

ADR Friday Loves 01.23.15

My coffee is hot, my laptop is open, and I'm feeling thoughtful.