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ADR Friday Loves 02.13.15

you rock

i'm loving...

... these 28 Days of Play.

... this sweatshirt.

... this article on happy words.

... this piece on love & lying.

... this book.

... & this book.

... these ways.

... this Year of Us.

... this museum mascot.

... these gloves.

... this advice.

... this maxi dress.***

*** After posting last week's Friday Loves, some of you might know that I took a little heat on my Facebook page. The gist was that it was insensitive of me to link to pricey items here on the blog. In particular, I linked to some admittedly expensive faux flowers and shoes. I responded to the criticism by explaining that I do not only link to things I plan on purchasing, but also to aspirational items, ie. things that are just fun or pretty or dreamy. That triggered another criticism, namely that it is fine to aspire to things, but what does it say about me that I am aspiring to buy things? Alas. I responded to that comment too, explaining that I was perhaps using the word aspirational loosely or incorrectly, but that I enjoy flitting around the internet for a bit of time each week and that for someone who spends ample (if not too much) time pondering life's more serious subjects (read: life, death, love), it is actually good and healthy for me to indulge in a little "window-shopping." Anyway, I ultimately pulled the whole thread down because I've decided that I have no room for icky negativity in my life real and virtual. I do apologize if I have somehow sent the message that it's imperative or important to buy patently pricey items (even though, yes, I do sometimes buy stuff like this and remain convinced that doing so doesn't necessarily detract from my character), but I do not apologize one bit for allowing myself snips of time to ogle dreamy, beautiful things (yes, like this ethereal maxi) and to share them with all of you. Which leads me to my final, fitting love. This fab quote from my gal Amy Poehler:


Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!!

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