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On Nostalgia & Love


I've been looking through old photos. Thousands of them. And this has been fun, but it has also made me feel wistful and nostalgic. And now I'm wondering about the relationship between nostalgia and love. When we feel nostalgic for a place or a time in our lives, is that evidence of love? I think so.

I look at this photo of my two oldest girls. They are big now, smart and silly and sassy as can be. I see glimmers of teenagers in them already. But in this image, I see little babes. And I miss these little babes, that time. What does this missing feel like, this longing? It feels like love.

In your mind, what is the relationship between nostalgia and love? Can we feel nostalgic for a time we didn't in fact love when we were experiencing it?

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Do What You Love?

"Understanding is love's other name."