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The HERE Year Month #11: Love

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Hello, February. Time for a new HERE Year topic and oh will this be a good one: Love. Love is many things and can mean many things, but what I do know is that it is wildly important to me - and to Lindsey - and I'm guessing to all of us.

I like to think about love and write about love and read about it. Love can mean romantic love or familial love or Platonic love or professional love or self-love. What is the difference between loving and being in love? What is passion and is it always attainable? What is the link between passion and presence? If we are not present in our lives can we truly feel passion? (My hunch is no; that there is a vital link between these things.) What does it feel like to fall in love? To fall out of love? To lose someone we love? Can we talk ourselves into love or is it something that defies our rational selves? Can love just happen to us or is it something we make happen? What happens to a life that contains no love? What happens to a love that contains no life?

I'm sitting here at my kitchen island in my pajamas typing these words and my mind zigzags back to my wedding day a little over ten years ago. I'm doing the father-daughter dance with my tuxedo-clad Dad under a big Blue Whale. The band plays The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love." The melody repeats itself on a soothing loop now and I'm smiling, left wondering if this might be true: Is love all we need?

I'm so excited for this month and all the questions and stories it brings. I do hope you'll follow along with Lindsey and me. (Her post today is wonderful.) Oh, and click the below links to catch up on some former HERE Year posts!

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"Understanding is love's other name."

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