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The Ramblers Is Out Today!

The Ramblers Is Out Today!

Ramblers cover
Ramblers cover

Dear friends and family,

My new novel The Ramblershits shelves todayand I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement thus far. You guys rock. Truly.

The first week of a book's life is very important and can often make or break a book's life in hardcover (if you follow the movie industry, it's akin to opening weekend numbers at the box office). With this in mind, I'd be hugely grateful for any additional support you can offer over the next seven days, if you are so inclined. Thank you so much in advance! I'm so thankful.

Here are some ideas (but really, any and all support means the world):

1) Buy The Ramblers.

This is the easiest, most slam-dunk way of boosting the book. Here is a list of links to purchase:

2) Talk it up – in person, over email, online.

Word of mouth is critical to a book’s livelihood. Whether it’s mentioning The Ramblers to your friends over dinner, sending an email to your book-loving crew, suggesting the book to your book club, posting pictures and thoughts in the ether of social media… all of these things matter so much and add to the momentum and visibility of the book. If you are active on social media, feel free to follow and tag me - @adonnrowley, so I can properly thank you for your help!

3) Come to my events for The Ramblers!

I will be running around quite a bit for The Ramblers and I’m so excited to meet and see so many of you along the way. TONIGHT is my launch at Book Culture and I hope those of you who are local to NYC will join me for the reading and celebration. Here are details. And for my full event schedule, please click here.

4) Write a review.

Reader reviews are so important, too. If you read The Ramblers and feel inspired to write up a review, I’ll do a happy dance.

5) Click. Take a pic.

I’d be thrilled to see pictures of The Ramblers in the wild… Anything goes. Snap a pic of the book next to your morning coffee cup, catch your kids playing tug-of-war with it (just don’t let them read the sex scenes!), or take a photo of the book on display at your favorite bookstore.  If you tag your photos #theramblersbook I will re-gram your images on my account. 

6) Say hello

Writing can be such a solitary endeavor, which is why I’m really looking forward to starting the more interactive part of the publishing process--talking with readers. I want to hear from you guys! I'd love to know what you think of the book, and how and if the story had an impact on you. Email me at aidandonnelleyrowley@gmail.com.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy reading - and rambling!



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