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I know.  It's Memorial Day weekend and I should take a short sabbatical from the blogosphere.  But I had to share a little something with you: I am going back to college! Yes, that's right.  Husband and I are headed to New Haven later today for my younger sister's law school graduation. And we are (gasp) leaving the girls home with my In-Laws Grammy and Dad-Dad.  The girls will be absolutely fine. Better than fine.

But will I be okay? It will be my very first time away from Baby and I'm mostly dreading it.  BUT. Then I picture college.  The late nights.  The brazen banter.  The impossibly green campus.  I am going back!

And, yes, now that I am a few years older with a couple of kids and a regrettable surplus of worldly wisdom, I know that it will not be the same.  I know late nights will probably mean something past eleven and that any brazen banter will probably be with Husband and my family.  I know that I will probably check my watch every few minutes and imagine what Toddler and Baby are up to.  Whether Toddler used her Eeyore or Big Bird toothbrush. Whether Baby scarfed carrots or sweet potatoes. I know that I will miss them.  But still.  It will be nice to go back and have a little taste of college life, of that wild and wonderful world that was my home before this more ruthless real world.

Would you go back to college given the chance?  And would you bring your maturity with you or leave it at home with the kids?  Would you prefer to revel in the sublime and stupid innocence and ignorance of your college days?

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