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So, we are experiencing a bit of a "built-in delay" on the Happy Headache.  Apparently, demolition exposed some "existing conditions" that needed to be analyzed by a structural engineer and we are waiting on this guy's report to proceed. So, in the meantime, Husband and I accompanied our incomparable architect (Gordon Kahn) on a trip to look at hardwood floor options.  We came home with some fun samples which Toddler immediately turned into makeshift hardwood floor skates.  And, unlike her waffling parents, she seems to know what she likes.  As you see, she is leaning toward the darker breeds.  Should we let her decide?  Sure, she's diminutive.  But she's also decisive. But truth be told if we had let her make all tough decisions, we'd probably have a seven-month-old named Dora.

In all seriousness, do you guys like light hardwood floors or darker ones?  I know.  This decision is not going to dictate future levels of happiness, but it seems like a relatively big call. So help me make it. Pretty please.

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