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Appointment Book Calendar and Pen Calm down. Nanny is not a pre-teen. But she did just join a gym recently and upon joining said gym and undergoing one of those fun free-of-charge fitness exams with calipers, she learned that she has a metabolic age of... twelve. Yes, you guessed it. Twelve.

But while metabolically a child, Nanny is actually quite the mature adult. And if I am being honest I do not know what I would do without her. Hey, if you've read my Wednesday posts, you know that things get interesting when Nanny is not around. And on this particular Wednesday, Nanny is around because tonight we are headed to a book party at the Hog Pit for my friend and former wedding planner Jes Gordon whose book Party Like a Rock Star just hit stores.

This post need not drag on. The point of it is merely that Nanny is, well, a rock star. Our rock star. A few days ago, on my birthday, Nanny gave me a very thoughtful and humorous gift. She gave me a gorgeous leather-bound calendar. This is something we all know I desperately need because I may be many things, but organized is not one of them.

And with that calendar, she gave me a card. A beautiful card with an Emily Dickinson quote emblazoned on it - "We turn older with years but newer every day." I love this. Newer every day. And then inside that card, Nanny wrote her own words to me. She wrote: "31 never looked so good." Coming from a beautiful young thing with a metabolic age of twelve, this struck me. Made me feel like a bit of a rock star mommy. A hot one.

Nanny - I've uttered these words to you countless times, but I can't say them enough: Thank you. For shrouding the loves of my life with a magical mixture of gentle affection and profound direction. For injecting timely order into our precarious chaos. For keeping me company on this often lonely writing adventure. For telling me that I'm a good mom when I doubt it most. For being a good friend and incomparable support. For reminding me to take my BlackBerry, wallet, and keys every morning. For that beautiful new calendar chock full of what promise to be very good days.


It struck me in writing this that too many of us don't say thank you enough. Who do you feel compelled to thank these days? For what?

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