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Party Like A Rock Star

white boa Last night, I partied like a rock star. Well, not really. I did attend the launch party of my friend and celebrity event-planner extraordinaire Jes Gordon's book Party Like A Rock Star though. So there was a party. And I went to it. And being there, amidst many people who are far cooler than I am, made me feel like a bit of a rock star. Ergo, I'm not officially lying when I say that last night, I partied like a rock star. Right. All good.

Almost six years ago exactly, Husband proposed. It is a wonderful story and I might share it one day here, but the point is there was a boot and a bended-knee and a beautiful ring and some tears and a big resounding YES that escaped from me. Suddenly, in mere moments, we were betrothed and had a wedding to plan. And I know 99% of the world plans a wedding without the help of a professional, but we were in that ever-spoiled 1%. We interviewed a couple of planners, but when we met Jes Gordon, it was all over.

Jes is fun and funky and real. She lives and breathes outside of that proverbial box. She oozes passion for what she does. To say that she is talented is a vast understatement. She has planned soirees for Madonna and Streisand and J Lo and nobodies like me. And now she has a book. An ethereal event-planning bible full of "tips and tricks for throwing an unforgettable bash." And if our little old wedding was any indication, this chick knows how to throw an unforgettable bash (for any occasion and any budget). And now she is sharing her wisdom with the world. Lucky world.

It's worth mentioning that she has a television show coming out on the Style Network and that she is regularly appearing on E! News. The point here: Jes Gordon is a true rock star.

Unsurprisingly, the launch party was a blast. It was held at The Hog Pit, a famous New York bar. We sipped exotic drinks (well, that's a lie. I sniffed out the decidedly non-exotic Pinot Grigio) and nibbled on fried pickles. The hogs on the walls wore white boas. And during this swanky and spirited fest, I had a mini-epiphany that I promptly shared with Husband and that I will now share with you.

My epiphany: Life should be full of parties. Not exactly a revolutionary thought, but not a negligible one either. We grow up, we get married and throw big parties to celebrate and then many of us, most of us maybe, have kids... and suddenly most of the parties we talk about and think about seem to be for children. It does not need to be this way. It shouldn't. We should always have parties. Little and big. At home. Elsewhere.

Parties are celebrations and there is always something to celebrate. Always.

So now, thanks to my friend Jes, I am armed with a fun guidebook on how to throw unforgettable and unique parties. And I bought an extra copy of this book to give to one of you. Leave a comment below telling me about the most unforgettable party you have attended and I will throw your name in a hat and the winner will receive a signed copy of Party Like A Rock Star!

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