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happy bday blog Alas, here I am breaking my absolutely-no-blogging-on-weekends mandate. And for very good reason.

One year ago today, I started this blog.

I had zero clue what I was doing, but that didn't deter me. I sat down. At this desk. At this computer. And I wrote. I wrote my inaugural post called The ABC's of Insecurity. I smile now as I reread the words I wove then:

So.  Here goes. My very first post as a rookie blogger.  And this post, like life, is one part serious and one part silly… We humans are insecure creatures.  To pretend otherwise is foolish.  And yet that is exactly what we do.  Everyday.  We pretend that we have it all together.  We wake up and get dressed and go outside and smile.  What lingers behind those well-practiced smiles? The ABC’s of insecurity.

I smile because even then, squinting at the benign blur of the digital horizon, I knew. I knew where I was headed. I was headed into a world of grays. I was headed behind those smiles. Toward thought. Toward truth.

I smile because here I am. One year older and wiser. And still a rookie. Learning my ABC's. Practicing. I will always be a rookie. That's just who I am.

Isaac Asimov once said, "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."

Exactly. Ivy League Insecurities, for me, has been about writing. Of course. But, even more than that, it has been about thinking. Thinking through my dreams. My doubts. My days. Thinking about who I am - as a daughter, a sister, a citizen, a friend, a wife, a mother, a writer. As Me.

So now. Now it is time to sign off and enjoy the good Saturday that stretches before me. But I had to pop by here on my big day. Because, for me, it is a very big day. And on this very big day, I wanted, I needed, to thank you for reading my words and ideas, cobbled together clumsily and with profound care. For humoring me. For listening to me think.

For watching me grow.


Happy Birthday, Ivy League Insecurities! I love you like a digital daughter.

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