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Honestly, it's been a rough couple of days for reasons I don't have the energy to go into now. Things are fine, but I'm particularly anxious and exhausted this morning. But yesterday? My Mother's Day? It was stunning and simple and just what I needed. Husband hung with the three girls and let me sleep in. When I woke up, Toddler and Baby attacked me with gifts wrapped in brightly colored tissue paper. Each had decorated a travel coffee mug - with exquisite squiggles and Dora stickers. The mugs read: WORLD'S BEST MOM. I plan to use these mugs every morning.

We all stayed in our pajamas until 4pm and hung out in the garden. Husband grilled a delicious lunch of burgers and sweet potatoes. We even had some champagne. The girls danced around, giggling and celebrating the sunshine. Husband and I talked and talked. About life and love and babies. Our tiniest baby slumbered in her little seat between fussing and feeding.

In the late afternoon, we changed out of our PJs and went to my Mom's. We sat around that long, wooden table where I ate my childhood meals, talking and laughing, nibbling and sipping, and even arguing a bit. The cousins chased each other and Mom's dogs around that table. My nephew played his cello (brilliantly). It was chaos. The good kind.

And then we came home. And we ushered our kids toward bed. And finally it was quiet. And Husband and I sat down and ate a quick dinner of chicken and mushrooms. And then we collapsed on the couch. And I nuzzled into his side, thankful and almost tearful. That he is here. That I am here. That they are here.

That I am a mother.

Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done. But it is also the best.


How did you spend your Mother's Day? Do you prefer low key celebrations like I do? Do you think parenthood is difficult?

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