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Wander (Edited to Include an Apology)

We must let them wander. We must let ourselves wander, too.


Are you good about letting your kids wander? Are you good about letting yourself wander?


MY APOLOGY (4:22pm)

Mom just called. "Has anyone talked to you about your post today?" she asked. "No. Why?" Mom: "Because I think given the terrible tragedy with that boy in Brooklyn, it comes across as insensitive." A pit formed in my stomach. Of course. What in the world prompted me to write or publish this post today? As I talked to her, and thought about this, I felt a bit sick to my stomach. Tears were waiting to spring. I told Mom that my post was really about existential wandering, about discovery. My post was about allowing our kids - and ourselves - to stumble into who it is we are, allowing evolution to be organic, non-linear. My post was about identity and experience and life. I told her these things because they were true; I thought not once about the little boy in Brooklyn when penning this post. Maybe I should have.

"Should I pull it down?" I asked Mom about this post. I appreciate Mom's advice and I needed it in this moment. "I don't know," she said. "Should I write a comment? A follow-up post?" I asked. "I don't know," she said. Even though I was newly upset, and quite, I thanked Mom and said goodbye. And then I came here. Back to my computer. Back to this post. I decided to leave it up and add these words, to explain myself. And it is with this explanation, clumsy no doubt, that I apologize, imperfectly but sincerely, if I have offended any of you. That was never my intention. I plan to be much more careful about what I post, and when, going forward.

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