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Every now and then, I flash forward - oh about thirteen years - to a time when we will have three teenagers at home.

Seventeen. Fifteen. Thirteen.

Three teenagers.

Three teenage girls. Who will likely be best friends (yay!) and collaborate brilliantly to outsmart their very confused and well-meaning parents (oh no!).

Truth be told, the idea of my girls being older makes me very excited. Part of me can't wait for there to be a whole lot of sleeping around here and for my girls to be big and conversational and, well, my buddies.

But another part of me is totally overwhelmed by the idea of having three teenage girls. Will Husband and I know what to do? Will they be good creatures like my sisters and I were - working hard, respecting our peers and parents, causing only tiny bits of totally acceptable trouble? Or will they give us a run for our money and cause those good old wrinkles to come and come fast?

I assume the former, I do, but I fear the latter.

Guess we will have to wait a few years and see, huh?

(Fingers crossed.)


What were you like as a teenager? Did you rebel at all? Did you and your siblings conspire to cause your parents any trouble? If you are a parent to a teenager, how goes it? Do you too worry about how you will handle your kids once they are older?

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