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What Happens in Philly Stays in Philly.

{Well, not really. Because here I am. Reporting about what went on in Philly.}

This past weekend, we went to Grammy and Dad-Dad's place for a pair of very special Saturday events. First, there was a bridal shower for Husband's sister J. Just a few hours later, her bachelorette festivities commenced. I was fortunate enough to be included in both celebrations. Lucky Husband got to hang tight back at the ranch with the twinkling trio. I do not feel guilty about this fact as he left me with all three last weekend to go back to his college campus with his college buds and swim in cheap beer.

First things first. Now I have been to many bridal showers in my time, but honestly this was one of the loveliest. It was a relatively intimate gathering of family and friends and took place in a gorgeous, recently-renovated country club. It didn't hurt that the weather was exquisite and the food was scrumptious. Beyond these things though, there was just a really wonderful and cheery vibe. There was a ton of laughter and even some excellent marital advice proffered (stay tuned for a future post). What stood out to me most? (Other than the fantastically amazing ribbon-and-paper-plate-bouquet I hand-crafted?) The bride-to-be's smile.

Stay tuned. This is a theme of this post.

After a few hours with the kiddos and a quick change into evening-attire, I hopped in a car with J and a couple of her closest friends to drive into Philly for the night. There, we checked into a swanky little boutique hotel where we were handed a glass of free wine upon entry (Score!) In our suite, J's other friend, one of her matrons-o'-honor, greeted us with a fabulous spread of apps and more wine. (Wine? 'Tis another theme of this post.)

What ensued was an evening of absolute fun. We stayed in the hotel for a while before dinner drinking and talking and showering J with unmentionable gifts and playing a fun game wherein J was quizzed on the likes and dislikes of her betrothed. (She did very well. As did he. A great sign in my estimation). Next, we headed to a Prosecco-soaked (thanks, B, B & R!) dinner at an incredible restaurant nearby. We were seated at a central booth and we lingered and lingered, eating and imbibing and talking. It was plain old fun.

And then there were bars. Several of them. On rooftops and in basements. All around town. But the best part was when we ended up back in our hotel suite in comfy clothes munching on Pirate's Booty in and around the big, fat tub. We didn't go to bed until 4am-ish.

Needless to say, the morning after our saucy sleepover was a bit slow. But it was happy. Boy, was it happy. We woke up and lounged around and laughed about our wild and yet-very-PG antics of the night before. At one point, J stood there in her priceless red t-shirt and I said, Hey, I need a picture of you in that shirt because it is just perfect. The shirt says: "I Love My Fiance."

And she does. And that was the best part of the whole weekend. To see her, this sister-to-be so freaking happy. This is how it should be, right? I think so. I know so.

And there's something else too. Something I clumsily expressed to J after probably seventeen glasses of Pinot. I told her how honored I was, and am, to be included in her anticipatory celebrations, to be welcome among such old and good friends. I remember that day many years ago in San Francisco when I first met J. Husband and I had just begun dating and I had heard all about his sister, a girl my age. And I'd seen pictures of this beautiful blond and I was immediately intimidated and excited. And I met her. And loved her right away.

She's family. She's a friend. And she's happy.

Were there some more sordid and silly details that I am failing to include here? Absolutely. Of course. Nah. Not really.

What happens in Philly stays in Philly, right?

J & N - I am so so excited for you guys. We all are. We can't wait to celebrate with you in a little over a month!!


What did you do for your bachelor/bachelorette party? What's the last bachelor/bachelorette party you attended? Is there anything better than seeing someone blissfully and unabashedly happy in the days leading up to his/her nuptials? How great is the red t-shirt?

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