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On Thursday evening, Husband and I attended the annual black tie gala at the American Museum of Natural History. As always, it was a wonderful and happy night. And, get this, Coldplay performed. I adore Coldplay. How can you not adore Coldplay?

This all happened under the whale. A certain whale that means a great deal to me, and to us. Almost seven years ago, Husband and I celebrated our wedding under this very whale. As a little girl, I visited this whale often. One of our favorite things to do these days is take our wee creatures to see this whale.

It was a gorgeous night. A night of family and friends, of meaning and memories, of sweetness and song. It was a night of celebration.

At the end of the evening, we exited through the rotunda where we had cocktails with our nearest and dearest many years ago. The place where we toasted the formal beginning of our story together. I wore a big dress that night, a dress with tiny beads of bold color, a dress with two kissing doves on the back.

Thursday was a big night. For reasons obvious and less so. A night where I was able to stop, and smile, and listen, to realize, and revel in, my bounty, my love, the lyrics of many good days and many good years.

And Coldplay? They rocked. Literally. Figuratively. Beautifully.


Do you love Coldplay? Have you returned to the scene of your wedding? Have you been under that beautiful Blue Whale?

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