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At lunch, I told my mother and two of my sisters that I would be giving up wine for a year and writing about it. They were very interested to hear more about this plan and were also surprisingly supportive. I'm not sure why exactly I was taken aback by their positivity. I think this might be a theme. I think I assume people are going to be critical or disappointed about my decision to dry out, but the reality (so far) has been just the opposite. It feels good to know that those I care about most are on my side. Cliched, but true. Tomorrow night, I am having dinner with one of my very best friends from law school. And then, on Friday, we are going out for a big birthday dinner with several couples. More opportunities to share my freshly-minted agenda for 2012. I am curious to see how people react. Maybe people really won't care? Maybe it's really not a big deal to do this? Why does it feel like a really big deal? Once I have given it up, will it feel like less of a big deal? Does this anticipation of change make everything feel more dramatic than it is, and needs to be?

Why I Know I Can Do This.

I'm Really Going to Do This