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I've made it through three pregnancies without drinking. I didn't take a sip for my first pregnancy. For my second and third, I indulged in a half-glass here and there at the end, with the approval of my lovely OBs. The point here is that if I was able make it through a total of thirty months without wine, I should certainly be able to make it through another twelve. The difference, of course, is that when I was pregnant, I was consumed with creating a healthy new life. I was willing, and eager, to do anything and everything necessary to protect my unborn babe. It wasn't really about me.

But now. I am not pregnant. There are no cells multiplying within my core. This is about me. But isn't that reason enough? Isn't the desire to be healthy and happy and clear important in its own right? I think so.

A prediction: When I explain to people that I am experimenting in not drinking, I just know they will assume I am pregnant again. My sisters and I joked that this whole experiment would maybe be a bit easier and understandable if I sported a fake belly :)

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