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Yesterday was a marathon day. I took the big girls to two back-to-back birthday parties downtown while Husband hung here with the tiny one. We reunited in the early evening at Mom's as we do every Sunday. Once home, and once the trio were tucked in, Husband and I retreated to the couch with our shakes (we are one week into our three-week cleanse) to watch the Giants game. Not surprisingly, I nodded off, coming to here and there during exciting points of the game. When the game was over, I noted to my man that I didn't feel quite right. I stood up slowly, felt dizzy, and ran to the bathroom. That's where I spent the night. I even curled up on the tile floor for a 2:30am-4:00am stretch. It was lovely. Actually, it was not lovely at all. I haven't felt this sick in years, if ever.

The stomach flu? I'm not a fan.

This morning, I'm just impossibly weak, but the fact that I am sitting up writing this is a good sign. I plan to be back to my regular self by tomorrow. But I also planned to be my regular self today; to rise early and whip off a fun and interesting post, to ferry my girls to school, to immerse myself in my novel. Alas. Plans don't always stick.

Anyway. I came here to tell you why I'm not here in the way I'd like to be today. Because some wily child soaked me with some nasty flu germs yesterday (that's my theory). Now, I'm just hoping that my man and my kids will be spared from this ugliness.

Okay, back to my seltzer and to my fetal position on the couch. And back to the Today Show. Just learned that Heidi Klum and Seal are kaput which actually makes me kind of sad because of all of the Hollywood sillies, they seemed, well, good. Now I am learning how to make some Chinese potstickers. Will be on that as soon as this cleanse is kaput. Speaking of cleanses, if it is weight loss you are after, picking up a wicked strain of the stomach flu seems to be far more effective than swilling powdery shakes. Just saying :)

When's the last time you were blindsided by a nasty flu? Are you surprised about Heidi & Seal?


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